Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC-UvA) - 2017

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download 645787 Home telemonitoring for heart failure and COPD patients: Evaluation of the usability and acceptance of the cVitals application
Hester Albers (2017), p. 72
download 650797 Quantitative measure of the similarity of structure definitions expressed in HL7 FHIR
Tessa van Alphen (2017), p. 52
download 651081 Evaluation of a mHealth application for pregnancy-related work advice and information: The impact of user characteristics on Think Aloud method results
Liesbeth A. van den Berg (2017), p. 69
download 650800 Guideline representation and execution tools: An evaluation study
Magdalena Gamba (2017)
download 650808 Mobile support for ambulatory multidisciplinary teams in mental healthcare
Lisette J.M. Heerink (2017)
download 650801 mHealth Framework: for the digitalisation of a healthcare facility. Extension of the Labrique et al. (2013) mHealth and ICT framework
Senate Lesaoana (2017), p. 49
download 650799 Factors that might influence non-adoption of a regional personal health environment: a qualitative study
S. Mooij (2017)
download 646550 Privacy Concerns in Elderly Care Technologies
Daan Oudejans (2017), p. 76
download 651867 Family caregiver opinions on sensor assisted living situations for older adults.
Guido M. Out (2017), p. 49
10  download 650814 Detection of active spleen haemorrhage in whole-body computed tomography: A patch based multi-atlas approach
Jorrit Posthuma (2017), p. 44