Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC-UvA) - 2016

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download 640435 Beta-blocker use in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): A retrospective cohort study
Tinka Bakker (2016), p. 34
download 635055 The MultiMorbidity Model for care coordination:Towards clinical decision sup- port that enables general practitioners to optimise treatment plans for multimorbid patients
Anna Beukenhorst (2016), p. 54
download 644072 A multi-faceted analysis of in-hospital medication discontinuation practices: A retrospective four-year time trend analysis and sociotechnical evaluation of best practices
Joost Blom (2016), p. 39
download 638201 Sparse Redundancy Analysis of High Dimensional Genetic and Genomic Data: A novel implementation of a multivariate statistical tool in omics data analysis
Attila Csala (2016), p. 62
download 634316 Using financial data to automatically prefill a clinical registration
Berta Esteve Soler (2016), p. 64 + bijl.
download 640436 Predictors of depressive symptomology in head and neck cancer patients
Ben J.F. de Haan (2016), p. 69
download 644073 Online interventions to support self-management of cardiovascular risk factors
W-A.W.K.P.G.K.K. Karaya (2016), p. 74
download 645950 Anticipated benefits and impeding factors for patient portal acceptance in elderly
Mikki Kuipers (2016), p. 56
download 627024 Terminology system-based data encoding for intensive care: Deriving the APACHE-IV reasons for ICU admission classification through SNOMED CT and optimizing the user interface for diagnostic data entry
Hugo J. Th. van Mens (2016), p. 53
10  download 634315 Design guidelines for a multi-screen user interface: Redesigning a Hospital Information System
N.C. Mook (2016), p. 144