Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC-UvA) - 2015

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download 605962 A Data Management System for the Dutch Assisted Reproductive Technology Study
A.J. van Altena (2015), p. 65
download 605954 Clinical Practice Guideline Adherence in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
R.J. Van Brummelen (2015), p. 79
download 573076 Measuring quality of teleconsultation services, the patients' perspective: The development of a concept questionnaire according to the first phase of the Consumer Quality Index
Keiko F. Driest (2015), p. 71
download 610044 Automated Segmentation of the Cerebral Ventricular System in NCCT Images of Stroke Patients
E. ferdian (2015), p. 48
download 571656 The Development of a Clinical Prediction Tool to Support Clinicians in the Assessment of the Risks of Fetal Asphyxia and Failure to Progress in Term Pregnancies
Uloma C. Ogba (2015), p. 50
download 610312 Performance of hierarchical prognostic model in cardiac surgery based on administrative data
Alexander Scheffer (2015), p. 43
download 622206 Patient-driven decision support for the detection and correction of inappropriate prescribing
R.S. Schermer (2015), p. 81
download 605950 Electronic Medical Record Adoption in Dutch Hospitals Barriers and Facilitators
H.C. Vroege (2015), p. 49
download 610043 Natural language processing for Dutch medical language: A method for evaluating the value of currently available NLP tools for annotating Dutch medical free texts
D.S. Westerbeek (2015), p. 34
10  download 605958 Medical record linkage between clinical databases and the national perinatal registry: Comparison between frozen and fresh embryo transfer
A.R. Wong (2015), p. 51