Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC-UvA) - 2013

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download 513514 Consumer evaluations of service brand extensions in a cultural setting.
E. Barnasconi (2013)
download 493904 Assessing the predictive value of quality indicators used to guide individual patients' hospital selection
G.IJ. Duif (2013), p. 52
download 509475 Shining light on cancer combining optical methods and their parameters
Jacqueline den Hartogh (2013), p. 65
download 573066 Trends in number of visitors to the travel clinic of the Public Health Service (GGD) Amsterdam between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2008: the importance of data entry
Marian M.A. Heling (2013), p. 72
download 493941 Revision of SNOMED CT post-coordination rules: from practice to theory.
Giorgi Jgarkava (2013), p. 77
download 489913 Measuring quality of care by reusing routinely collected data.
Erik Joukes (2013), p. 65
download 489912 Continuous non-invasive monitoring of volatile metabolites in exhaled breath as markers of plasma glucose levels.
Jan Hendrik Leopold (2013), p. 70
download 512057 A woman's way to the top : A conceptual study on top academic, mid-level academic and media publications.
Q. Michels (2013)
download 489914 Data collection: low effort, high quality.
Melchior Ferdinand Pot (2013), p. 52
10  download 517208 Revolving credit facilities versus cash in corporate liquidity management : the role of corporate governance.
M. Snijder (2013)