Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC-UvA) - 2012

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download 489911 Reimbursements for Diagnosis Treatment Combinations in Ocular Care: Supporting their Accuracy.
Gunnar Magnús Ballzus (2012), p. 81
download 476625 Assessment of the impact of strategic priorities on the use of performance measures for controllers.
O. Berendes (2012)
download 447164 Measuring similarity of gene expression patterns in the developing heart: Visualization in 3D.
Daniela Kostin (2012), p. 68
download 450943 Data Protection and Privacy in eScience.
Evert Mouw (2012), p. 102
download 450944 Quality of DBC registration data of mental health organizations: Quality assessment of DIS data.
Suraja Padarath (2012), p. 65
download 476071 Exploring human resource (HR) practices in small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and firm performance.
S. Shaharin (2012)
download 465814 Information streams in operation rooms now and in the future
Tim van de Snepscheut (2012), p. 112
download 450939 Score engineering: Optimizing the SOFA score for predicting intensive care mortality using evolutionary strategies.
J. van Soest (2012), p. 70
download 452883 Development, prototyping and evaluation of a Continuity of Care Document to enhance care transition of breast cancer patients within the AMC-FZ alliance..
C.M.A. Tromp (2012), p. 70