Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC-UvA) - 2011

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download 215456 Predicting neonatal mortality and severe morbidities in live born vere preterm infants.
J.O. (Joost) van Dam (2011), p. 41
download 447163 Validation of an IT governance maturity assessment method: Adjustment to the healthcare domain
Thomas M.A. Gordijn (2011), p. 64
download 333561 Applying IT to Oncology: Supporting the multidisciplinary approach of treatment.
K. van Hemert (2011), p. 157
download 352698 Neurofeedback bij kinderen met Autisme Spectrum Stoornissen. Wat kan neurofeedback toevoegen aan de huidige behandelingen van Autisme Spectrum Stoornissen bij kinderen?
Anneke de Hoop, Hannah Edelbroek, Jesminne Bruins Slot, Shayla Jansen (2011)
download 208411 Assessing the quality of care for the elderly in general practice: Amenability for automation and Opportunities for Clinical Decision Support Based on ACOVE Quality Indicators.
Dedan Opondo (2011), p. 118
download 218100 Usability evaluation of the Dynamic Patient Simulator.
R. Piening (2011), p. 85
download 340561 The Pi balanced scorecard: a usability evaluation.
M. Tromp (2011), p. 104
download 340563 Information needs and services for a pediatric: ophthalmology website.
Eva Tsjapanova (2011), p. 84