Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC-UvA) - 2010

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download 162732 A governance model for patient safety: transparency in responsibility and information requirements in patient safety for Dutch hospitals.
K. (Khalid) Bohoudi (2010), p. 129
download 169880 Requirements for an electronic checklist system for surgical patient safety: The possibilities for a workflow management based implementation.
A.E. (Arina) Burghouts (2010), p. 126
download 191392 Using workflow to monitor critically deteriorating patients: Improving usability through user testing.
P.J.W. Dekkers (2010), p. 67
download 208405 Automatic categorization of gene expression-types in developing hearts
R.M.W. Fincken (2010), p. 78
download 191026 SNOMED CT int the Dutch registration of care procedures The relation to CBV procedures and scenarios for the functional management of procedure systems.
E.M. de Groot (2010), p. 107
download 191024 Improving the statistical methods of cohort studies: Scientific Research Project.
Michel H.P. Hof (2010), p. 107
download 191021 Design specifications for drug-drug interaction alerts in Computerized Physician Order Entry systems: A preference study.
Maurice Langemeijer (2010), p. 118
download 208410 Adverse Drug Event Detection
M.J.A. Louws (2010), p. 126
download 173293 Data quality in a registration system for bladder cancer patients treated with radiotherapy
Rob van Os (2010), p. 71
10  download 173292 User-friendly mobile allergy checks: Providing allergy information about food products
R.J.J. Ottenhof (2010), p. 151