Faculteit der Geneeskunde (AMC-UvA) - 2009

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download 141752 Information management & IT governance development of a framework for modelling and describing the IT organization
Rizwan Ahmed (2009), p. 71 + aparte bijlage
download 132820 Medication safety in the ICU: Investigating drug-drug interactions and preventing them by a decision support system.
M. Askari (2009), p. 58
download 173692 Islamofobie in het licht van modern antisemitisme.
. Borgmeier (2009), p. 89
download 154673 Automatic Classification of Time-Intensity Curves from Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
M.S. Buiter (2009), p. 82
download 151297 Successful Pi® implementation in a health care organization and Users’ Attitudes towards the use of Pi®
W.A. van Dijk (2009), p. 88
download 145805 Usability evaluation of an Interface Terminology on SNOMED CT for the Intensive Care: A review and case study
Marlijne Dorrepaal (2009), p. 84
download 145806 Travel time and intrapartum and neonatal mortality in term deliveries.
Mark H. de Groot (2009), p. 58
download 132818 Multicenter Implementation of an Evidence Based Guideline on Intensive Insulin Therapy – Statistical Process Control as a tool for Quality Measurement.
R.E. Harmsen (2009), p. 58
download 156969 Benefits of electronic medical records in Dutch hospitals: An analysis of the benefits, contributing to a business case for Electronic Medical Records in Dutch hospitals.
Sander Ivo Knotnerus (2009), p. 74
10  download 145807 Using Statistical Process Control charts as a feedback method on quality indicators for Intensive Care.
Antonie Koetsier (2009), p. 92