Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen - 2004

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download 516136 Borstvoeding in Nederland: The meanings and experiences of breastfeeding among Dutch mothers
Chilanga Ambrose Asmani (2004)
download 516137 Tingkeban, Brokohan, Selapanan: Javanese care and rituals during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum in Kalisari, Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia
Mimin Austiyana (2004)
download 516139 People with a mission. Meanings of psychosocial distress of Cape Verdean migrants in Netherlands
Huub Beijers (2004)
download 608481 De tweede carrière : arbeidsmarktperspectieven voor ex-olympische topsporters
P. van Beukering (2004), p. 93
download 516141 Perceptions of epilepsy among Ethiopian immigrants in Netherlands
Assefa Mulu Bidu (2004)
download 105098 Measurement invariance in multi-group latent variable models.
J. Blaauw (2004)
download 516169 Being There. Perceptions of Dutch fathers about their participation during childbirth
Maria Elisabeth Correa Farias (2004)
download 516151 HIV in the time of 'sexual liberation'. An exploratory study in Boracay Island, Philippines
Charmaine G. Cu-Unjieng (2004)
download 516156 'Being fat' from a child's point of view: Experiences and perceptions on body size in overweight children
Mariette C. Derwig (2004)
10  download 516161 Of kilatis, women and Filipino seafarers: perceptions of Filipino seafarers on sexually transmitted disease, its prevention and treatment
Heinrich B. Dulay (2004)