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AuteurJ. Uijttewaal
TitelThe effects of the ‘Change Vision Leadership’ versus the ‘Ethical Vision Leadership’ on organizational citizenship behavior
BegeleiderC. Buengeler
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB BSc Economics and Business
SamenvattingThis systematic literature review examines the connection between the ‘Change Vision Leadership style’ and the ‘Ethical Vision Leadership style’ in relation with Organizational Citizenship Behavior’. There has been a lot of research committed to OCB and all of his facets: altruism, consciousness, sportsmanship, civic virtue and courtesy. Still, there is no decent overview of the relationships between OCB and the six leadership styles discussed in this paper. The styles discussed in this research are transformational leadership, charismatic leadership, visionary leadership, ethical leadership, servant leadership and authentic leadership. The relations are presented within tables. A positive relationship between most leadership styles and Organizational Citizenship
Behavior was found. Five of the six hypotheses were confirmed. One hypothesis about the relationship between authentic leadership and OCB was not supported. This ‘new’ leadership style has not been investigated yet. Implications for the results are discussed. Also,
suggestions to future research are made. This systematic literature review uses the information of 68 coded articles.
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