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AuteurV. Tilon
TitelDesign-based goal setting application development : a framework of user needs and requirements and goal-setting theory
BegeleiderV. Kobayashi
FaculteitFaculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
OpleidingFEB BSc Economie en Bedrijfskunde
SamenvattingMany students in higher education are lacking motivation to accomplish tasks that are required of them. Introducing technology to assist students in setting and committing to goals could help them
accomplish their goals or tasks more effectively. A goal-setting webapplication is being developed, so (UvA) students can create, maintain, and monitor learning goals in the academic setting. The purpose of this study was to research user needs and requirement, measure user engagement and see how goalsetting theory can contribute to the development of the webapplication. Literature about goal-setting theory was analysed to determine moderators (with respect to the functionality of the application), which could influence goal commitment. Design-based research was conducted to gain insight in these user needs and requirements. When determining what kind of visualization would help students to set and achieve goals and help them reflect on their goal-setting activity, there is no real clear consensus among participants. Some of the participants liked the visuals of the screens; others stated that the layout and visuals needs to be improved. The quantitative research part focused on the measurement of user engagement via a questionnaire (Qualtrics). Statistical analysis indicated that there is still some room for improvement within Perceived Usability (6 - item, α = 0.919, M = 4,907, SD = 1,22), Control & Challenge (6 - item, α = 0.933, M = 5,370, SD = 1,111), Aesthetics (5 - item, α = 0.933, M = 4,511, SD = 1,327 ) and Endurability ( 6 - item, α = 0.793, M = 4,519, SD =
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