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AuteurLex Wolff
TitelSubliminal Priming towards healthy Food choice: The Moderating Effect of Working Memory Capacity
BegeleiderTina Dudenhöffer
Instituut/afd.UvA: Instituut voor Interdisciplinaire Studies
OpleidingFNWI BSc Bèta-gamma
TrefwoordenConsumer behaviour; advertisement; healthy food choice; working memory capacity; subliminal priming
SamenvattingFood advertisement has a big impact on the eating behaviour of consumers and policy makers increasingly focus on advertisement for healthier food selection by consumers. Although priming towards healthier food choice has been explored, little research has been
done on priming towards Healthier Food Choice at a subliminal level. To determine how Working Memory Capacity (WMC) influences consumers to be subliminally primed towards healthier food, this research combines the fields of cognitive research and consumer behaviour. This research proposed that Subliminal Priming positively influences consumers’
Healthy Food Choice. More specifically, it hypothesises that WMC has a positive moderating effect on the relationship between Subliminal Priming and Healthy Food Choice, if this is in line with the current goals of the consumer. These hypothesises are tested with the use of an
experiment in which participants conduct a visual spatial test and consequently view an advertising video in which they were subliminally primed with healthy food related words. Subliminal priming effect was measured through the choice between a healthy and unhealthy
drink. Data was attained through an online survey and the final sample contained 61 participants. The results partially support the hypotheses, to the level that goal relevance did not predict Healthy Food Choice. This suggests that WMC could enhance the effect
Subliminal Priming has Healthy Food Choice, but the results also show that WMC directly affects Healthy Food Choices regardless of priming and goal relevance of the consumer.
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