Browse: The "Browse the Repository" option can be used to generate publication lists of theses per faculty, per year.

Advanced search: With "Advanced search" queries can be limited to certain fields or dates or a combination thereof.

Full text: UvA Scripties Online only contains (Master's) theses of which the full text is available.

Searching for words: You can search on a single words or a phrase. Entering 'research and policy' in one search field will show the results that contain the exact phrase 'research and policy'. To find records that contain both the words 'research' and 'policy' you type both terms in separate search fields, and select 'and' to indicate that you are searching for both terms.

Punctuation: Any punctuation marks used in a search field are ignored and treated as spaces.

Case sensitive: No difference is made between upper and lower case letters.

Wildcards: To search for variations of a word or word stem, include an asterisk (*) at the end of the word as a wildcard. The query "war*", will for example produce results that include 'wars', 'warrior', 'warm' and so forth.

Short and long displays: If you click on the short title in the search results screen, you will be redirected to the page that contains detailed title information for that publication, as well as the full text version of a publication (if available).

Bookbag: On a page that contains detailed title information, you can save a record with the 'add to bookbag' function. Information saved to your bookbag will stay active for 2 hours, as long as you do not close the browser you are working in. The bookbag holdings can be viewed with the 'Bookbag' option in the advanced search screen or the search results screen.

Email or download: You can save the records in the 'Bookbag' by either emailing them to yourself or download them. By clicking on "bookbag" you will see a list of the saved titles and you can choose 'email' or 'download'.

Author: You can search for an author by searching for the query "lastname,initial(s)" without spaces, but with periods between initials (followed by the prefix if there is one). If you are, for example, searching for documents by prof. Johan van Benthem, you would use the search string 'Benthem,j' (which may also find other authors, like J.J. Benthem, if there are any) or 'Benthem,j.f.a.k.van' if you know the full name.

Linking: To link to a specific record or a list of publications, please use the URLÂ’s provided on the pages.